Sunday, January 3, 2010


this year we went to an 11 o’clock church.  WONDERFUL!!

  WAY better than 9 o’clock. 

i actually got to let my kids wake up on their own instead of having to wake them.  which meant that i didn’t have cranky kids during sacrament.  AND i actually got to HEAR bits & pieces of testimony meeting.

here are a few cute pictures of the kids from tonight



Staci said...

LOVE the hat!!

amyraye said...

yes, i love that "hat", too. but i thought it was a headband?

way to go: 3 for 3!

Brooke said...

we bought those for kristen when she was up here. definitely cute to see her wear them. she actually does have a hat just like the headband that attaches flowers to it. it is also very cute. way to go for the blogging streak, k.

Amber said...

I love your baby!!! She is so cute. You need to come visit Utah more so they will remember who I am.