Wednesday, January 6, 2010

of course…

the night before we left to drive home from utah, my mom brought luke to us downstairs and said he was complaining that his ear hurt.  for a couple hours he was back and forth between wanting dad and grandma.  no one got great sleep that night. 

his ear was draining (which is a good thing.) 

we decided to drive home on wednesday as planned.  we got tylenol AND ibprofen to alternate giving him every 2 hours to ease the pain.  he did GREAT.

anyway, i had every intention to take him to the dr. when we got home. but since he didn’t really seem to be complaining about his ear much anymore, i kept putting it off.  (i know, i know, what kind of mother am i?) 

come monday, his ear was still draining.  so, we took him to urgent care that night.  Well, jeff had a group meeting for school, so, he dropped luke and i off. (he took sara with him so i wouldn’t have to deal with 2 kids in urgent care.

YEP, you guessed right… ANOTHER ear infection.

we were only there for about an hour.  (by the time we were done, so was jeff.)  Luke usually does not cooperate much at the dr office, so i told him that i would get him a treat/toy if he was good for the dr.  he did an AWESOME job.

the next day we all went to target(to get his ear drops) and pick out a new toy.  he picked out a motorcycle.

003 001 the button makes it go, and it does a wheelie. 


Staci said...

how long has he had tubes? usually the tubes put a quick end to the ear problems. hopefully they can figure out why he's still getting infections. Sounds like the urgent care probably knows you by name based on all your trips in the last month.

kristen said...

he has had tubes since september and this is his first ear infection since then.

did your kids have tubes?

Staci said...

only ryan had tubes. he was sick every 3 weeks until he turned 2 and got tubes. he's hardly been sick since and is one of my healthiest kids