Monday, January 4, 2010


my day started out with jeff telling me to get ready because he neede to do homework.  which means that he drops me and the kids off somewhere (usually the mall) for a few hours while he gets some work done without distractions.

i don’t mind, usually.  the kids are pretty good.  there is small little playplace at the mall, so i usually let luke play for a while.  they put in a new carousel right outside the  playplace.  the same one is also at the food court.  luke asks to ride on it every time we are there.  today, i actually had my camera with me.

after spending a few hours at the mall, we walked across the street to target.  we had been there for about an hour when jeff called to say he was just getting off on the bell road exit.  so, i headed up to the registers mad ers with my stuff.  luke was not coming, so i went and got his hand.  he was crying and wanted to be picked up.  i said NO.  so he went “limp” on me.  i hate when he does that.  this time. though, he tripped me and i fell over him right in the middle of the aisle.  i was so mad at luke and crying that i put everything back and left.


amyraye said...

what kind of an ending is that? i thought there was going to be some funny ending.

i hate when kids go limp on you. was sara in the cart? did anyone help you? i'm sorry that happened to you. :(

kristen said...

sara was in the double stroller. yes, a nice girl came and picked luke up and asked if i was ok.

abby said...

i had a similar experience with pearl today. like she just decides to go absolutely ballistic at the worst possible moment. and in public. the worst!