Thursday, January 14, 2010


nothing blogworthy really happened today.  and i am just to lazy to get up and take pictures for a post i have in mind. so…

i feel like somedays all i do is tell luke NO or send him to his room.  most of the time, it is the same stuff he does over and over.  YES, it (almost ALWAYS) involves tormenting his little sister. things from taking away toys to hitting her to picking her up and carrying her.  it gets to the point where i am afraid to set her down for fear that luke will hurt her.

I know that he doesn’t do all of it intentionally, but i HATE that he doesn’t listen.  i send him to TIME-OUT and talk to him, but then he does the  SAME thing 5 minutes later.  ANY other suggestions?

I really do LOVE the moments (though few and far between) that my kids make each other laugh.

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amyraye said...

some suggestions:

1. find lots of ways that Luke can "help" you with Sara. Praise him big time for it.
2. Find ways to include Luke in the things you need to get done. Let him help you make dinner, fold the laundry, wipe the table, etc. Let him know how much you appreciate his help.
3. Find time and something to do with just Luke. Maybe have Jeff take you guys somewhere to hang out, just the 2 of you.
4. Make a box of things for Luke to do that are just for him- to keep him busy. Limit the days and time he's allowed to get that box out and play with the things in it so it's always new and exciting.
5. Take some time to have him sit in your lap and read him some books.
6. Find as many ways as you can to shower Luke with POSITIVE attention instead of NEGATIVE attention. He needs you to notice the good things he's doing.

hope these help. hang in there. motherhood is very frustrating and exhausting, but these times will pass quickly. (it just won't seem quick until it's all over).