Friday, January 22, 2010

the rest of our trip

vegas 044






we went to see the lion habitat at mgm.  we got to walk right under the lion.  pretty cool.

vegas 034







vegas 054



it was raining the whole time we were there.  we had to get a HOT caramel apple cider to warm us up.




other random pictures from our trip…

**there’s a lot, sorry**

vegas 002

vegas 003

vegas 012

vegas 037

vegas 035

vegas 045

vegas 057

vegas 059

vegas 060

vegas 070

vegas 068

this water fountain in the mall had ice sculptures in the middle of it.

vegas 004

vegas 072 vegas 086

we left for home on wednesday. before we left, aaron went to go hang out with his cousin for a few hours. so, jeff, the kids & i went to the mall and walked around for a bit.  luke pointed to where he wanted to go.

vegas 088

just like yogurtland…

vegas 089 vegas 090 vegas 093 vegas 096 vegas 099 vegas 100

when we met back up, we grabbed lunch and headed home.  but first, we had aaron take a family picture of us.

vegas 103

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Nevada said...

I want a copy of today's first picture, please!